Home is where the heart is

In addition to my getaways, I have to fly every 1.5-2 months back to Greece.

The flights are not an issue, I enjoy them a lot…it is all the trains, metro, city or intercity buses…I need 6-9 means and at least 9 hours transit time door to door. And it is mostly the transits within Greece that destroy me but this is something one has to experience, in order to understand. Once I kept the validated tickets to show them to my nephew who is often asking why I am not visiting more frequently, as “the flight takes only 2 hours, you moron..”

To limit the hassle, Ι Go Light with hand luggage only. This way I save time at the airports and avoid this extra checked baggage fee, which the airlines introduced a few years ago for domestic and intra-EU flights and I avoid dragging suitcases on stairs, lifts, stations etc. Although I own a trolley backpack, which is super light and thin-walled, to save me weight and space, I still have to travel with the absolute minimum of personal stuff, not to exceed the allowed dimensions or weight limit. As a result, all the friends and relatives who host me, have stored spare boots, jackets, towels of mine, as well as cosmetics and other items that are banned on board.

Early this year, just after waking up, I was thinking that all this has started burning me out. I had overdone it this time. I had been traveling around Greece for almost 2 months now, carrying this backpack from one house or hotel to the other…borrowing pyjamas, bathrobes and slippers, waking up at 06:00 because my mother wanted to hoover, my cousin to use his espresso machine or my friend to shower…having no clue where I had left my phone charger, my shampoo, my eyebrow tweezers..smoking, since everybody else did, with stomach aches because food was too heavy and feeling guilty I had changed my eating habits.

I was looking forward to going back home, to my apartment, my mattress, my stuff, my own mess! And I had missed my city, which would be white this time of the year ❄️⛄️ and all the places I used to hang around.

My nephew woke up, went down and my cousin showed him the snowy landscape outside. He got ecstatic, as he had not seen snow for years and I heard him screaming: “oooooohhhhh…Jo has to see this…..come..come..everything is white!!!”


This was a slap on my face..to remind me that home is not where I have all my clothes in piles, all the boots and jeans I have bought since I was 20, organic food, bottles of natural lotions and shower gels..home is where my heart is!!


And at this particular moment, that was not a miserable 60sqm apartment in Central Europe, but a huge piece of land in Peloponnese, with only one house, at the end of a dirt road.. THAT ONE HERE!

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